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31 October 2006 @ 04:58 pm
For any issues directly involving any one of the following communities please comment to this post:


To join any of these communities, go to the community bio page and use the "join this community" link found on that page. (I approve memberships once a day during the weekdays only. If you haven't been approved for longer than three days, comment to this post.)

Both lds_gems & lds_journaljar are communities where ONLY THE MODERATOR POSTS. If you request posting access to either of these communities, I will ignore your request. Please read the community rules and the community bio page first... I only say this because it is really silly when I have to point this out when it is in black and white on both the community bio page of those communities and here on this post.
31 October 2006 @ 04:56 pm
ldspirit, lds_parents, lds_icons, lds_gems, & lds_journaljar

Welcome to my communities. These are peaceful communities designed for the one purpose of inviting the Spirit of God to uplift, inspire, direct, and enrich our lives a little bit at a time for the Latter-Day-Saint Soul. I hope that everyone can contribute in some way eventually to the community they join... but it isn't a requirement to post... I invite all spiritually minded individuals, of all ages, male or female, of any faith. However, just be aware that the community is geared toward members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints.

If you have a question about an LDS topic or other faith, please be respectful of everyone's beliefs. Emotions can run high around the subject of faith so try to be sensitive and respectful and not cause injured feelings. However; many questions can be answered online at the www.lds.org website about the lds faith. And there are other communities available for open discussions. If you have a question, feel free to ask but please try to steer away from heated debates or you will be asked to take it to a more appropriate community.

By joining any of these communities, or chosing to willingly participate in them, you agree to adhere to the standards outlined below: (I will assume that everyone will read these if they plan to participate.)

Affliations & Copyrights:
None of my communities are affliated with any official church authorization, other websites, communities, or organizations. All the information that I provide is held by the original authors and copyrights. I am also not making any money or selling anything either. I make it a point to make sure all my cites are as accurate as possible, and I encourage others to do so too, but if anything is found in error please contact me at this journal or at my email address provided on the bio page. Also if any copyrights are in violation, again please email me with links and descriptions and I will personally make sure everything is handled as soon as possible.

I encourage everyone to give credit to the authors of poems, songs, and talks so if someone wonders where they got it or wants to use it in a talk or report they can include the cite. If you don't know that is fine too, mark it "author unknown." Don't be offended if someone does know though, we aren't here to debate copyrights, just to give acknowledgment to those great artisans, speakers, and writers who inspire so many of us. However if you do know, feel free to share that information with the community.

Please feel free to use the lj-cut option, info here, for long long posts, or any post longer than a paragraph. Mainly out of respect for the friends view of most individual journals. And because it just makes it easier for everyone. Also use pictures under a cut as well.

Joining Standards:
I accept membership of all individuals who have established journals, with appropriate icons, express an interest in spirituality, and adhere to the basic standards of the community they join. Those who do not fall under that definition... membership is at my discretion and how I feel about what I do have access to publically from what you have displayed in your space. If you sincerely would like to member in any of my communities, and you contact me directly... I will take extra consideration from the fact that you've gone the extra mile in trying to request membership. If you have questionable icons at your journal, I will ask that you only post with icons that are appropriate and invite a good spirit to the community. I do not look lightly on troll journals, or stalking... or journals that only have communities they've joined, with no other affliations or posts in them. (It invites to many questions and unknowns...)

No Drama Zone:
Simply put, do not bring it to any of the communities I moderate. If you have a bone to pick with someone specific... take it elsewhere... talkitout is a good community to consider. If you have a bone to pick with the LDS religion, also don't bring it here. Any violation has a zero tolerance in my book. I won't even contact you... I just kick you out. If you rejoin without contacting me first... I will ban you. If you have been banned and want to rejoin... contact me and we will discuss.

Stalking & Harassment:
Stalking of members will not be tolerated. If you feel that you are being stalked, please don't be afraid to email the moderator/maintainer at the community email with your concerns. Also if the community is being attacked and flamed by unknown or outside individuals, please report major discrepancies via email as soon as possible so rogue posts can be cleaned up and disposed of, that way individual friends views won't be all messed up.

- testimonies, spiritual thoughts, personal uplifting experiences
- any information that fits in the community, for lds_icons obviously lds centered icons, for lds_gems testimonies and thoughts that coincide with the posts, for lds_journaljar a daily question for your personal history... each community should have their objectives in their bio page.
- scripture references
- appropriate citing
- recommendations for books, authors, websites, song lyrics, scriptures, & talks.
- uplifting photos are allowed (behind lj-cuts please.)
- amiable discussion of public topics

Anything that is disruptive to the spirit of God and the peaceful atmosphere of the community. I don't want to have to delete posts left and right. I've seen communities that have been delete happy. I frankly don't want to have to parent a community and ask you all to play nice, but I also want to promote an inspiration minded community so here are some standards to follow:

- no profanity, swearing, or vulgar language
- no pornography, inappropriate photos, pictures, or jokes that are dirty or degrading.
- no name calling, all out bashing of ones beliefs, individuals, or even other communities.
- no invites to inappropriate communities. (for example the hot_chicks community. If it is faith based that is fine, but if it is promoting something really off topic, it will be deleted.)
- posts designed to annoy or harass the community that bog up everyone's friends lists.
- no anti-church literature for ANY religion.
- no stalking or harassing of community or its members. (This is bothersome and it detracks from the spirit here.)

A word of warning to those individuals who feel it their life calling to open the eyes of the LDS faith followers, please realize that everyone is entitled by their free agency to follow whatever belief in God they choose. No one is perfect and we can't atone for wrongs done to you by people who are of our faith or not of our faith. Realize that no one here has personally done anything to you. (If they have please take it up with just the individual or look at the "problem section" of this bio for ways to handle difficulties.) We would ask that you respect our space as we have respected yours. As the moderator of these communities, I will do everything in my power to keep the peace at all costs. So don't harass us. I will also restrict posting access to those who appear to have the ability to cause problems. If you are an individual who is seeking posting access that has been thus far denied you and you feel it may be due to that reason, please email the community email with your concerns.

Since this community is what the members make it, anyone can email the community email to give suggestions or comments, or to address any concerns: inviting.the.spirit@gmail.com
PLEASE only offer these comments, suggestions, or concerns in the form of emails, or post it in invitingspirit's journal. Posting things in the community only breaks up the flow of the spirit, inspiration, and peaceful atmosphere that we are trying to invite. And it will get deleted if it is posted in the community inappropriately. If you have something pressing that is really important direct it to the email especially if you would like it to be private. As the moderator, I also retain the right to remove any one or their posting ability for whatever reason... although this doesn't happen often, some have been removed for various reasons... please take your issues to the moderator at the said journal.

If you have a particular problem with any one individual all we ask is that you remain mature and try to handle it on your own. Although I do not expect that there will be an issue, it does happen from time to time which is why I feel it important enough to address. (I have been witness to many communities over the past two years and have seen some pretty un-Christlike, non-adult behavior from time to time. I wouldn't be doing my job to promote the spirit if I just ignored the fact that people have differing opinions and there should be some suggestions or guidelines with how to manage a difficulty.) Again, I'm not going to parent and tell you how to treat your neighbor, but I will suggest: no name calling, no flaming, no degrading language, if you don't get along then don't talk to each other. But be respectful. If you are easily offended by questions concerning the LDS faith don't engage in conversations where someone may push your buttons.

If this doesn't help try one of these:
1- Try to think "What Would The Savior Do?"
2- Try to not take it personally and turn the other cheek. Ignore it.
3- If you feel that someone is trying to provoke you into responding for whatever reason, do not engage them. If they are being rude, don't stoop to their level and be rude back, and certainly don't throw that in their face and fuel the fire either.
4- If you are angry and overly upset about the situation, take a break, leave the conversation, walk away until you feel cooled off.
5- Take up your personal issue with the individual privately, don't openly discuss it without the permission of the other party in a public place like this.
6- Pray about what is the right thing to do or say to improve the situation.
7- You are welcome to email the moderator and ask their opinion, however; where things are concerned with the community please abide by whatever decision is settled by the mod.
And as a last resort: if you are still completely unsatisfied,
8- You are welcome to leave the community honorably and respectfully.

We really hope that you don't have to use #8. This is a place where we hope the spirit can and will dwell. Please understand that if you mean to come here and cause contention and sow discord, we do not intend to engage you... but you will probably be asked to leave or your posting access will be removed. Try and remember that regardless of the outcome, Our Heavenly Father Loves all of His children and we try to follow His example in all things, but no one is perfect. If you can abide by reasonable standards reflected in "For the Strength of the Youth" and what is outlined here, you will always be welcome here.

Community Promotion:
If you are interested in promoting any of these communities please feel free to invite or tell your friends about them. Also, feel free to use the following banner(s) on your journal if you'd like to. And for all you artists and designers out there, feel free to make your own and email the community email with your finished pieces and we'll add those promos here! NO HOTLINKING (Please save the below icon to your own servers or photo hosting site.)

We are pleased to announce that a test version of the redesigned LDS.org Web site has been launched. We invite you to explore this site at http://www.beta.lds.org. The home page of this test site provides a feedback link; please use it to let us know what you think of the site. Also on the home page, you'll find a link to a "What's New and What's Coming" document summarizing the Church's latest Internet improvements and plans for the future.

We look forward to hearing from you and continuing to serve you.
07 May 2006 @ 01:07 pm
I will be focusing as many posts as I can on the subject of Mothers. Mother's Day is next weekend so it is a wonderful time to be focusing on this subject.

If you have any quotes or stories you would like to share please feel free to post them.
07 February 2006 @ 10:51 pm
"The strait and narrow path, though clearly marked, is a path, not a freeway nor an escalator. Indeed, there are times when the only way the strait and narrow path can be followed is on one's knees! And we are to help each other along the path."
- Neal A. Maxwell
22 December 2005 @ 01:50 pm
At this joyous season, we invite you to take a moment and join with us in gratefully pondering the Savior's birth by viewing a multimedia Christmas e-card. To view the card, please go to:

As part of the Church's ongoing evaluation of Web delivery options, the Joseph Smith Commemorative Broadcast will be provided as a live Internet video stream on Friday, December 23, at 6:00 p.m. mountain standard time. This special English-only video option is being hosted by BYU-TV. For more information, please go to www.lds.org and click the "Joseph Smith Commemorative Broadcast" link on the right side of the page.
I just got this in my email box today and wanted to pass the word... please pass this around in any lds community that you may be membered in as I'm sure many individuals that don't live in Utah may choose to watch the Christmas Devotional via their computers.

As part of the Church's ongoing evaluation of Web delivery options, the First Presidency Christmas Devotional will be provided as a live Internet video stream on Sunday, December 4, at 6:00 p.m. mountain standard time. This special English-only video option is being hosted by BYU-TV.

To access the link for the video stream, (1) go to www.lds.org, (2) find the center-section feature about the devotional, and (3) click the link that says "worldwide viewing options." This will take you to a page with a link to the video stream. Or, you can simply go to the following Web address:


Your feedback is vital in helping us evaluate this delivery option. If you watch the live video stream, please use the feedback option on the BYU-TV site to tell us about the audio and video quality of the broadcast and any other technical issues you experience.